Tung-Sol 7189/EL84M Russia


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In 1959 Tung-Sol developed a premium, up-rated version of the 6BQ5/EL84 for use in industrial and military circuits. This tube was designated 7189. Due to its higher plate voltage rating and increased clean headroom, it became a favorite power tube for use in medium power stereo amplifiers and receivers made by H. H. Scott, Sherwood, Fisher, Lafayette, and many other hi-fi manufacturers. It was also used in high-end guitar amplifiers manufactured by Magnatone. Due to its increased ratings, it was considered as an upgrade for 6BQ5/EL84 amplifiers for increased performance and reliability.

The original 7189 tube production ceased in the early 1980s and vintage 7189 tubes have become expensive and hard to find. In order to allow these fine vintage 7189 amplifiers and receivers to continue be used, the Tung-Sol 7189 tube has been reissued. The 7189 Tung-SolĀ® reissue is built to the same specifications as the original 7189 Tung-Sol for the high fidelity and performance expected from the vintage 7189 amplifiers and receivers produced in the 1960s and 1970s.

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Tung-Sol 6189/ECC82/12AU7W tube – Russia

Tung-Sol 6189/ECC82/12AU7W tube - Russia

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“The sound with the tungsols was wider, deeper was very smooth and had great body and very nice detail with out any edge.” Read
“Good detail without edge. Smooth but not vague. Affordable tube with no glaring negatives.”
“I can’t believe what a difference this tube is making in my headphone amp. It’s replacing a JJ tube, which is a brand I’ve always liked, but this is day and night.”

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