Tube Stuff


Tube Maze Store – Our store with a large selection of fantastic tubes and very competitive prices. Let us know if you need anything specific by contacting us.

Tube Info Sites:

  • TubeMongerLib – ID any tube base on images
  • AmpBooks – a great resource for in-depth tube learning.
  • RadioMuseum – a great site with technical tube data. Their internal search sucks 🙁
  • DuncanAmps – another great tube data site.

Tube Testers:

  • MaxiPreamp II – precise and super quick tester for preamp tubes.
  • MaxiMatcher – powerful (400V) and quick tester for power tubes. Allows easily match them at or close to the operating voltage.

Vinyl Playback:

Digital Playback:

LP/Vinyl or Real-to-Real is the way to go with tubes, but if you must use PC or Mac, use the best player out there JRiver Media Center. Disclaimer: I led development for this player until Version 17, so take my recommendation as just that.