One thought on “Western Electric 300B New Production

  1. This tube doesn’t need introduction. World renowned and for very good reasons. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? It is to me 🙂

    A lot has been written about this tube already, so I will not go into to many details. Love the sound. Very liquid, with magical vocals superb bass. On the top of that, very airy highs – pun intended:) Practically everything you would want from a tube. And the fact that it comes with 5 year warranty is unheard of. Compare that with 30 to 90 day warranty from the majority of other tube manufacturers.

    Compared to many other 300B tubes that I tried, it sounds much better. Genalex is not even close in transparency to this tube. Psvane has a much weaker bass and not as smooth. Sophia Electric is also not as good in bass (and not as reliable)

    I also compared it to RCA type 45 (which is my favorite tube) and RCA and Raytheon 2A3. This was done in the same amplifier. WE300B did sound on par with 45 (but of course, 7 times more powerful 🙂 and better in transparency and mid-range that 2A3. Sound wise, it reminds me a lot of type 50 tube.

    Overall, a very expensive, but fantastic tube, which holds a crown of one of the best sounding tubes ever created.

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