The Best 6SN7 tubes

Which tubes reign supreme?

Which 6SN7 tube won the right to be called the best and the worst?

Updated August 9th, 2020

Based on user ratings in the last 8 years and over 5000 ratings submitted, here is the list of winners and losers. The system is based on 5 stars.

Old Stock 6sn7


  1. Sylvania 6sn7GT Black T-Plates 3-holes Bad Boys (4.83)
  2. Raytheon 6SN7GT Black Glass Flat Plates (4.5)
  3. Sylvania CHS 6SN7W Metal Base (4.44)
  4. MELZ 6N8S/6SN7 Gray Plates holes in plate (4.41)
  5. Tung-Sol 6SN7GT Black T-plate Mouse ears mica (4.33)

No surprises here at all. Wonderful tubes! Sylvania 6sn7GT Black T-Plates 3-holes Bad Boys also won the best tube title based on overall ratings.


  1. Tung-Sol 6SN7GT Round Black Plates (3.10)

Bam! Tung-Sol 6SN7GT Round Black Plates is rated very poorly by users despite the hype. Only 1 tube is included here as the rest of them rated above 3.5

New Production 6sn7

Since very few new production 6sn7 tube have reviews, only 1 winner and 1 looser is listed


  1. Electro-Harmonix Gold 6SN7EH (4.09)


  1. TJ Full Music 6SN7 China (3.38)

Another hyped up tube that tested very poorly.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a definitive list of all best and worst 6SN7. It’s purely based on over 5,000 ratings submitted by the users of this site.

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