Electro-Harmonix Gold 6SN7EH

Electro-Harmonix Gold 6SN7EH

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“…The Bass is also the best and biggest of the three; quite detailed and tight. Midrange is also full of detail air and transparency up and down the range…” Read

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2 thoughts on “Electro-Harmonix Gold 6SN7EH

  1. I usually don’t like new production preamp tubes, they just sound too flat and 2 dimensional for me especially in Hi-Fi applications, but I was surprised by that little thing. So the story goes that this tube is very similar to RCA red base 5692, so why not compare them 🙂 Construction wise both tubes are very solid, extra mica support in both cases, but RCA has 3 mica. Sound wise they are quite similar, RCA is a more transparent and more 3 dimensional and has bigger body, EH is a bit more musical. Bass in EH is stronger and tighter. Overall presentation in RCA tends to be more on the darker, chocolaty side and EH is more neutral. Just being compared to RCA 5692 is a huge win for Electro-Harmonix. Way to go EH and New Sensor, not we need more of the same… 🙂

  2. So true, the tube is very nice, very musical, but RCA 5692 it’s not. close, but not a substitute. there is just more presence with RCA, sound stage is more textured. RCA 1, EH 0

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