Raytheon 6SN7GT Black Glass Flat Plates

Raytheon 6SN7GT Black Glass Flat Plates

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“Like the Tung-Sol a little sweeter, nice balance of detail and timbre” Read

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One thought on “Raytheon 6SN7GT Black Glass Flat Plates

  1. This is one rare tube. There are a few Raytheons out there from the flat plates like this one to T-plates like early Sylvania’s. This one looks really nice with the mysterious black glass. The sound might not be to everybody’s liking – it’s very neutral without much of the mid-range warmth that people used to getting from 6SN7. However, this tube performed superbly in music that requires more dynamics and faster bass response (not heavier, but faster). Very extended high end, which might sound sharp in some systems. One of the best things about this tube is sound stage – absolutely huge! So if you system uses 2 or more tubes per channel and 6SN7 is used as a driver or a cathode follower, this tube might add magic to your set up by adding superb sound stage and preserving all the qualities of the preamp tubes. RECOMMENDED

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