Soviet/Russian Tubes Equivalents

Soviet/Russian Tubes Equivalents

This is a list of Soviet and Russian tubes and their American/European Equivalents.


5Ц3С (5C3S)5AS4A, 5U4G, GZ31
5Ц4С (5C4S)5Z4, 5Z4G, GZ30
6Ц5С (6C5S)6X5GT, EZ35


2С4С (2S4S)2A3
6С1П (6S1P)9002
6С2П (6S2P)6J4, EC98
6С2С (6S2S)6J5GT
6С4С (6S4S)6B4G
6С5С (6S5S)6C5GT
6С20С (6S20S)6BK4
6С51Н (6S51N)7586
6С52Н (6S52N)7895
6С53Н (6S53N)EC1010
6Ф5П (6F5P)6GV8, ECL85

Double Triodes

6Н2П (6N2P)6AX7
6Н3П (6N3P)6AQ8, 6JX8, 396A, 6C51, ECC42,
6Н3П-Е (6N3P-E)5670, 6385
6Н5С (6N5S)6AS7G
6Н7С (6N7S)6N7
6Н8С (6N8S)6SN7GT, ECC32
6Н9С (6N9S)6SL7GT, ECC35
6Н10С (6N10S)6SC7
6Н13С (6N13S)6080
6Н14П (6N14P)6CW7, ECC84
6Н15П (6N15P)6J6, ECC91
6Н23П (6N23P)6DJ8, ECC88
6Н23П-ЕВ (6N23P-EV)6922
6Н24П (6N24P)6FC7, ECC89
6Н27П (6N27P)6GM8, ECC86

There are no Soviet analogs to 12au7, 12at7, 12ay7 or 12ax7

Sharp Cutoff Pentodes

6Ж1П (6J1P)6AK5, 6F32, EF95
6Ж1П-Е (6J1P-E)5654
6Ж2П (6J2P)6AS6, 5725
6Ж3 (6J3)6SH7
6Ж3П (6J3P)6AG5, EF96
6Ж4 (6J4)6AC7
6Ж4П (6J4P)6AU6A, EF94, 7543
6Ж5П (6J5P)6AH6
6Ж9П (6J9P)E180F, 6688
6Ж11П (6J11P)E280F
6Ж32П (6J32P)EF86, 6267
6Ж40П (6J40P)6ET6, EF98
6Ж51П (6J51P)6EJ7, EF184

Power Tetrodes and Pentodes

6П3С (6P3S)6L6GT
6П6С (6P6S)6V6GT
6П14П (6P14P)6BQ5, EL84, N709
6П14П–ЕВ (6P14P-EV)7189
6П27С (6P27S)6CA7, EL34
6П31С (6P31S)6CM5, EL36
6П33П (6P33P)6CW5, EL86
6П36С (6P33S)6GB5, EL500
6Ф6С (6F6S)6F6GT
Г-807 (G-807)807

Triodes and Pentodes combos

6Ф1П (6F1P)6BL8, ECF80
6Ф3П (6F3P)6BM8, ECL82
6Ф4П (6F4P)6DQ8, 6DX8, ECL84
6Ф5П (6F5P)6GV8, ECL85

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