One thought on “Brimar 6067/12au7 Black Plates

  1. One of the rarest Brimar Special Types ever produced. There are many 6067 variants out there, some of them are not even produced by Brimar. The tube has black plates with a single connected joint, very large halo, copper rods, welded tabs to support plates, etc. The 6067 tubes have a bit more gain (mu: 20) than 12au7, but they are completely compatible with 12au7, just better quality than most.

    Sound is as expected from this superbly engineered tube. Anybody who is arguing that the new production tubes are as good as old stock should try this one out. The 3d sound stage is superb, the bass is tight, details are there, but without any edge and fatigue. Steve Strauss singing Mr. Bones, came through with such clarity that it was hard to concentrate on writing the review. Hard to find, but well worth the hunt. If you combine these with Brimar 6060, you will get a killer combo.

    Brimar 6067 Black Plates T
    Brimar 6067 Black Plates Plate

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