One thought on “Tung-Sol 6F8G/VT-99 Black Glass

  1. To finish up this round of 6F8G reviews, I used the legendary Tung-Sol 6F8G tube with Black Glass that’s considered to be the best 6F8G tube (some though like NU 6F8G).

    To make things more confusing, there are two versions of Tung-Sol 6F8G Flat and Round plates. The flat plates tube is also sometimes called 3 mica tube due to 2 side micas on the top. Technically that’s incorrect, as the flat plates version actually has 4 micas, not 3. The 4th mica is on the bottom :). Here as well, some people love the flat plates version, some love round plates version. My 2 cents, like with Tung-Sol 6SN7 round plates, I find the round plates versions sounding thinner and not to my liking.

    So back to the sound, it is kind of the hill when it comes to 6F8G or even 6SN7 family. I had to stop typing this review and listen to music multiple times while using that tube in my amp – just loved it. It has that absolutely beautiful mid-range bloom that makes vocal practically tactile. Put on the top of that holographic sound stage, a great extension on the top and the bottom and you have a winner.

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