Type 80 Rectifier Mesh Plates

Type 80 Rectifier Mesh PlatesIMG_6919

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No reviews found on the web. You kidding me! I didn’t know that the tube exists!!!

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One thought on “Type 80 Rectifier Mesh Plates

  1. OK, no I got attention of some of you. How about this tube?!?! Type 80 rectifier with black mesh plates (real mesh not the fake that is produced right now with just a metal plate with holes) and ceramic spacers. The tube looks awesome with really bright filaments shining through the plates. Great sound as well, very smooth – smoother than regular globe 80 (like type 80 globe is a regular tube :). In general type 80 rectifiers are a very special tube. If you amp takes it or if you buy an adapter 5Y3 to 80, you will get some awesome sounding tube. In any case, very cool tube – the one to keep for another 100 years 🙂

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