Mullard EL34 Russia

Mullard EL34 Russia

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“… and was blown to shreds with the absolute clarity and tightnss of the new valves …”

“Mullard EL34 reissue is a surprisingly good sounding vacuum tube. Warm with fairly solid bass.”

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3 thoughts on “Mullard EL34 Russia

  1. Honestly I didn’t expect much from this tube after trying many new production preamp tubes which didn’t live up to expectations. Imagine my surprise when I plugged them in instead of RCA 6L6GC black plates and after listening for a while decided to keep Mullards instead of the RCA tubes! Great sounding tube with punchy and clean bass, warm and relaxed mid-range and very nice top extension. What surprised me even more is when I compared them to Mullard EL34 from 1960s, it sounded VERY, VERY close – original Mullard was a tiny bit more relaxed. Hurray! Finally something good from new production stock. It’s been about 2 weeks since I tried these tubes and they are still in my amp and I have absolutely no desire to remove them 🙂 RECOMMENDED

  2. I also compared these tubes to Mullard EL34 with metal base – Metal base tube won clearly – but maybe not a fair comparison since nothing comes close to the metal base Mullards.

  3. Yeah, I have a quad for my P&K Audio Duet 34 integrated. They sound very good but I still use EH 6CA7 quad as the first choice, EHs simply sound more coherent, full-bodied and with more authority.

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