TJ Full Music 300B/N Mesh Plate

TJ Full Music 300B/N Mesh Plate
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TJ Full Music 300B/N Mesh PlateLoading...

“Taller soundstage, much more air, more snap on bass, deeper soundstage, more upper frequency detail…”

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One thought on “TJ Full Music 300B/N Mesh Plate

  1. And now… Presenting… Wait, I can’t stop listening 🙂

    I first got interested in Full Music after having a chance to try Sophia Royal Prices 300B in my system – that is produced by Full Music and re-branded by Sophia Electric.

    This is a very special tube, if matched with other tubes correctly. The tubes are transparent that all your bad recordings will be obvious. I used to listen to some music with my Genalex 300B tubes, but after acquiring these tubes, I just have to move away from that music and start using high definition FLAC and DSD files. It will reveal every single deficiency of a recording – it could be a good or a bad thing – really depends on what you have content-wise.

    There is a lot of air and a huge, 3 dimensional sound stage although the sound on a dryer, analytical side. Bass is strong and well-controlled, but not superbly tight.

    The sound is all about size and air – just think Telefunken style. This appeals to a lot of people. This kind of sound is fantastic for instrumental music or for jazz including vocal jazz.

    At the same time, good matching with a rectifier and preamp & driver tubes is SUPER IMPORTANT. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. So be careful. This tube needs tubes that are warmer. that will make the sound balanced and will still allow carrying a lot of details through. I paired these tubes for best results with RCA 5R4GY and Sylvania VT-99, as an example – the sound was glorious.

    So, if you want to hear all expressions of your music, get the tube and truly enjoy the music. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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