Mullard M8137/12ax7 Box Plates England

Mullard M8137/12ax7 Toast Plates
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Mullard M8137/12ax7 Box Plates EnglandLoading...

“very dynamic and detailed with probably the best bass response of any 12AX7”

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One thought on “Mullard M8137/12ax7 Box Plates England

  1. These tubes are getting harder and harder to find since they were not produced in huge quantities like so many other tubes. This is military 12ax7 with great looking toast plates which are quite unique to Mullard and only now are being replicated by Full Music.

    The sound of these tubes is not what you typically expect from Mullard, it’s not warm, but more like the later production 10M tubes with very dynamic sound, fantastic details, and great bass. Not a tube for everybody – if you like rock or any music with a lot of punch, the tubes are one of the best available, but if you are looking for warmth and relaxed sound, this is not the first choice in the 12ax7 family.

    Because of the structure of the tubes, it has ultra-low microphonics and very low noise floor – I measured it at -88dB!!! This is unheard of in the 12ax7 family.

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