TJ Full Music 12ax7/ECC83 Box Plates Gold Pins

TJ Full Music 12ax7/ECC83 Box Plates

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TJ Full Music 12ax7/ECC83 Box Plates Gold PinsLoading...

“These tubes brought an all round life to my amp that others have been unable to.” Read

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1 thought on “TJ Full Music 12ax7/ECC83 Box Plates Gold Pins

  1. After trying Psvane 12ax7 tubes, I sound have learned and shouldn’t have tried another Chinese tubes, but… I’m grad that I did.

    The tubes didn’t work well with everything – again as with Full Music 300B tubes, if you give it garbage as source, you will receive garbage out of your speakers, more so than with other tubes – transparency of this tube transfers everything.

    Sound characteristics of this tube remind me of good old Ei 12ax7 tubes – very transparent, dynamic with great sound body and incredible sound stage – which is one of my biggest complaints with new production tubes. This tube solved the issue and created tube that rivals Telefunken in transparency and sound stage. And yes, it does flash when energized – the same as Telefunken and Amperex.

    When it comes to bass and top end extension, this tube excels in both areas. Mid-range is definitely analytical, so if you are looking for warmth of RCA, you will not be able to find it with this tube.

    Now about tests of these tubes – all tested spot on right out of the gate. Plates were balanced between each other. This is not a very high gain tube – tested at around 85-89 mu on average, which is not bad considering average Telefunken gain around 87-90 mu. Noise was ultra low – measuring around 86 dB, which would make it a great tube for phono stages. I tried it in mine and it performed very well. Due to construction of the tubes, microphonics are not an issue either.

    In conclusion, if you are after Telefunkens, which are getting very, very expensive – give this tube a try, you will be very pleasantly surprised. RECOMMENDED.

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