Sylvania 6F8G/VT-99 T-Plates

Sylvania 6F8G-VT-99 T-Plates

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One thought on “Sylvania 6F8G/VT-99 T-Plates

  1. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. What a great tube – it’s as smooth and musical as they get without loosing much if any of its transparency. These tubes are direct replacement of 6SN7 electrically, but you would need an adapter – the adapters cost around $25 on Ebay. If you amp takes 6SN7, this is a superb replacement. I was so enchanted by liquidity and lusciousness of this tube that I tried to roll it with Bendix 6900 & 6N30P-DR and some other best of the best tubes. For vocal jazz, this tube actually want my votes and votes of my friends 🙂 Go figure. When it came to a more dynamic music 6900 & 6N30P-DR won over, but vocals and instrumental music in this tube are just incredible. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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