Bendix 6900 Triple Mica Gold Pins

Bendix 6900 Triple Mica Gold Pins

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3 thoughts on “Bendix 6900 Triple Mica Gold Pins

  1. Finally was able to get my hands on this coveted tube. This is a drop in replacement for 5867, 7119 family of tubes, so it could be used by huge number of audio equipment old and new. First of all, the tube looks awesome! As you look at the tube, you can immediately say that no expense was spared in making it. Support rods to reduce microphonics – check! Ceramic spacers- check! Triple spacers – Check! Gold pings – Check! High vacuum – Check! This tube was designed to be used in radar, aircrafts & missiles, so reliability and long life is a must – that does translate that the tube can last a life time under normal use conditions.

    Sound… well, transparency is the key for any tube – and this tubes DELIVERS. Not even a hint of vail, all sounds, including the quietest ones, come through brilliantly. You can hear, the drums stretching, you can hear the strings being picked, you can hear the singer breathing (not always a good thing :). Bass is strong and precise – no mud! And then… this is the smoothest sounding tube that I have ever heard – made me to re-listen to quite a few compositions that I love. There is just absolutely no grain in the sound. So if you are one of the lucky people that has equipment for the tube – THIS IS IT. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  2. Nick stirred me to the site and I just had to put my 2 cents. I have Master Sound 300B SE tube. I decided to upgrade to 6900 at a crazy price, I might add, but the result was, not to overstate absolutely crazy. The smoothness and resolution it added was just mind boggling. The tube transformed my amp into a something else. Smoothness that it added was just uncanny. This is my absolutely favorite tube. For preamp tube I use Amperex 7316 long plate tubes.

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