Sylvania 5751 Gold Brand Gray Plates Triple Mica

Sylvania 5751 Gold Brand Gray Plates

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” To my ears it is the the 2nd or 3rd best 5751 ranking up there with the Sylvania & GE black plates. Its strength is its midrange, but it may also be its weakness. The mids here are full, lush, tangible and maybe (just maybe) a trifle overblown. Occasionally i find the lush full vocals obscure just a bit of detail and reduce transparency slightly, but the mids are so lush I could understand how you might not care. ” Read

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One thought on “Sylvania 5751 Gold Brand Gray Plates Triple Mica

  1. Wow… what an interesting tube. I didn’t know what to expect when I was buying these tubes. I already had RCA 5751 with 3 micas and absolutely loved the tube, so I was expecting more of the same from Sylvania Gold Brand. I was very wrong. This tube brought a new dimension to music on my McIntosh 275. It got much warmer, much more intimate, very lush sounding. I could hear the voice trailing for much longer it’s like a singer was singing notes with much more musicality. It felt that music slowed down quite a bit. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I tried more songs, but all of them with the same results – very warm, very intimate music. Kari Bremnes sounded absolutely enchanting with the tube. Not exactly what I expected in the beginning. This tube is quite unlike other tubes – a must-try for all audiophiles. It’s very hard to find it these days and the prices are absolutely crazy – currently running around $50 (if you are lucky) to $100+ a tube. Get it if you can, it might be the last tube that you would need for your system. So for me – goodbye Telefunken, hello Sylvania – but not for all music. If music is upbeat, Telefunken is still the tube of choice – it brings sparkling sensation to the music.

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