GE 5751 Gray Plates

GE 5751 Gray Plates

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“Will outlast and outperform any of the current production crap! These are Joint Army-Navy tubes, USA made, and are a BARGAIN right now.” Read

” I love em, especially if an amp is prone to fizz or brittleness in the crunch, they will smooth it out, but its not like drastically reducing the gain so its a nice compromise” Read

“GE Triple Mica 5751 is absolutely unbeatable in the line stage of any Fisher that uses 7591 or 7199 output tubes, but not for 7868 output tubes” Read

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One thought on “GE 5751 Gray Plates

  1. Good tubes. Sounded on the level with my Telefunken ribbed plates. Great HF extension and solid base. Definitely not as good as Telefunken smooth plates for HF extension and not as sweet as Sylvania GB 5751 in mids, but they cost much less and much easier to find. Great everyday tube.

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