JJ 300B

JJ 300B

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JJ 300BLoading...

“The JJ Electronic 300B seems to have all the things i love about 300B tubes! What more can i say then that? May i humbly suggest you try the JJ Electronic 300B? You too might find yourself in love while enjoying the music.” Read

In other words, the EAT (and JJ) veered nearly too deep into transitorized sound with the kind of material that vintage lovers would likely favor. ” Read

“Sonically this valve failed to convince, sounding bright, harsh and edgy. Soundstaging was lacking too. One positive side, the bass was quite strong and well defined but the overall tonal balance was subjectively objectionable and faintly unpleasant. ” Read

“JJ tubes are probably the smoothest sounding tubes next to NOS tubes themselves.” Read

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One thought on “JJ 300B

  1. Very interesting two reviews of JJ 300B tubes. One review loves the sound, the other review hates the sound. I have it in my Dared 300B amp and love the sound. However, I don’t have any other 300B tubes to compare it to. When compared to KT88 from Penta Labs, the sound is great on the level with other high-end tubes. Hopefully in the future, I will be able to get my hands on my next 300B, which is Black Treasure.

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