Svetlana 6AS7 (6H13C) Winged C

Svetlana 6AS7 (6H13C) Winged C

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Svetlana 6AS7 (6H13C) Winged CLoading...

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One thought on “Svetlana 6AS7 (6H13C) Winged C

  1. Now this is a great tube. Looks very cool like a miniature version of 300b. Very rich bass and mid-bass, which adds a lot of weight to the sound, but at the same time very detailed tube. This is definitely one of the best 6as7 tubes that I’ve tried. However, I’ve tried Svetlana Winged C version from 1970 and have no experience with new versions of the tube produced under the same brand. this tube is selling right now on ebay for about $9 a piece. Go for it!!! It will definitely make your system sing 🙂 One note – there are some reports that the tube is nosier than 6080 tubes – I’ve noticed the opposite.

    I got mine from this guy – he doesn’t have pictures of the tube, but the they were shipped and arrived really quickly.

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