One thought on “Reflector 6P14P-ER USSR

  1. There are a lot of misconceptions about 6P14P tubes, since there are so many letter variations for the tubes. The general rule, the tube 6P14P=6П14П (first in Latin, second in Cyrillic), should have had two letters after the model number to be good. So that leaves you with 6P14P-ER=6n14n-EP & 6P14P-EV=6n14n-EB. EV = military version (5,000 hours); ER = long-life version (10,000 hours). Soundwise they are exactly the same – at least during blind testing, nobody could spot a difference. So if you find EV or ER versions, which BTW is equal to 7189 tubes that can take a lot of beating, go for them. Sound-wise they are superb. Very strong bass, musical midrange and transparent and delicate highs. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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