Sophia Electric Royal Princess 300B

Sophia Electric Royal Princess 300B


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Sophia Electric Royal Princess 300BLoading...

“the Royal Princess is much better through the mid-range than the Western Electric was” Read

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One thought on “Sophia Electric Royal Princess 300B

  1. Wow! Not bad, not bad at all. Honestly, this tube blew me away. Genalex is not even close to Sophia, which is much more transparent. Psvane 300B is not as smooth and refined. It’s hard to describe the sound, but it’s extremely natural, delicate and superbly transparent. After Genalex, it’s like opening a window – you thought you can see everything well, but when the window is opened, you can’t believe how much better everything looks. I’m a true convert! The only issue that I’m aware of that the tubes is not very reliable, which is quite a gamble for this expensive tube.

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