One thought on “Raytheon 6F8G/VT-99 Black T-Plates

  1. I’m starting to get a new appreciation for Raytheon tubes. Although I’m not crazy about them in the 12ax7 family in Hi-fi use, in guitar amps, they proved to be one of the best overall tubes. This time I came across Raytheon VT-99 and let me tell you – if you want as natural/un-colored sound as possible – Raytheon is the recipe. There is warmth, details, and a fantastic lifelike presentation – combine this with a huge sound stage and you will feel like being there, all have started with CRP 64C (I will write a review later) and now for instrumental music, I just can’t go back. This tube is not for everybody, if you like the highly musical sound of Sylvania and the warmth and richness of RCA, Raytheon might not be for you. But if you are after a sound that puts you in the middle of a presentation, go for Raytheon.

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