Genalex 6AS7G/A8134 Cup getter England

Genalex 6AS7G Cup getter England
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“The GEC 6AS7G is very balanced in each aspect, good micro detailing and extremely analytical.” Read

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One thought on “Genalex 6AS7G/A8134 Cup getter England

  1. Well, let’s talk Genalex now. This is considered to be the best of the best 6AS7G tubes, and it sure it, but…

    The tube sounds very nice – sound signature is very similar to Mullard 6080, but a bit more air, a bit more details, but that is at the cost of warmth and lusciousness. As Nick stated in his review above – it’s clinical. I personally like warmth of Mullards and to me the tubes sounded great, but not my favorite. I compared it to Tung-Sol 5998 and WE 421A. Western Electric was a clear winner.

    Still a lovely tube that is disappearing fast and will soon be a thing of the past. 🙁

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