Tesla EL34 Red Base Czechoslovakia

Tesla EL34 Red Base Czechoslovakia

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2 thoughts on “Tesla EL34 Red Base Czechoslovakia

  1. And here we go again – Tesla – not the new JJ, but the original Tesla. Since E83CC is one of my favorite 12ax7 tube, I had huge hopes for EL34 from Tesla and I was not disappointed. The sound is rich and transparent, but what grabbed my attention is that this tube has be absolutely best mid-range out of all EL34 tubes that I tried (that includes Philips metal base). The mid-range is very smooth and superbly liquid. It looks like this quality of the tubes have been discovered since prices are climbing up. If you have an amp that uses EL34 tubes, this might be your ticket to sonic nirvana 🙂 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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