Mullard E88CC/6922 Wrinkled Glass O-getter

Mullard E88CC/6922 Wrinkled Glass O-getter

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“Highs are rolled off – too much so for my liking” Read

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2 thoughts on “Mullard E88CC/6922 Wrinkled Glass O-getter

  1. Hmm. Well this is definitely a Mullard – can’t confuse this sound with anything else, but this tube is not one of my favorite in the 6922 family. The major issue is hi frequency extension – which end too early, making the tube sound overly warm and soundstage is not as wide as with other tubes. There is not lightness in the sound – it’s quite heavy, but it might work great in an overly bright system. On the other hand, the warmth adds fantastic weight to bass, which kicks hard, strong and precise. This tube is considered to be the best of the best of 6922, but I just can’t agree – at least in 3 amp that I tried it in, it just didn’t capture my attention.

  2. I like other versions better. The highs are a bit subdued on these. They get worse as the tube ages. For the preamps I have for recording, or instruments these are okay to tame some voices, and instruments. For sound reproduction they are not my favorite E88CC. These are much too dark for my tastes. The staging lacks high freq detail, especially in labial sounds, and percussion like cymbals.

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