Brimar 6922/E88CC Gold Pins

Brimar 6922/E88CC Gold Pins

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One thought on “Brimar 6922/E88CC Gold Pins

  1. And here we go, Brimar again – I got lucky recently and received a lot of superb Brimar tubes. This tube is very nice. Transparent, airy, musical – worth searching for. The biggest issue with these tubes is that there are so many fakes out there. Brimar got abused during later days of tube manufacturing and the brand was stamped on tubes that were not manufactured by Brimar in the UK. I had a lot of tubes that are branded Brimar, but are actually made in Russia. One sure way to determine that a Brimar is a Brimar is to locate Brimar’s date stamp, but that could be hard since Brimar is one of the few European companies that didn’t use acid codes, so they come off very easily and could be completely removed from a tube just by accident. Look for a tube with a flat top, Brimar has one of the flattest top tubes and no creases like Mullard or Amperex. Also, Brimar has either square or round getter (in the majority of cases it’s quite large). So look for it and enjoy!

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