Mullard 12au7 Long Plates Mitcham

Mullard 12au7 Long Plates Mitcham

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One thought on “Mullard 12au7 Long Plates Mitcham

  1. Oh! The pain and suffering I had to go through to remove the tube from my amp to take the picture for the site!!! 🙂

    Well… that was a very unexpected find. I thought that I was buying Mullard Long Plates with a pile of other junk I found in a lot on ebay, but when I received the tube I saw that it had capital R instead of B in the date code. What?! Mitcham actually produced 12au7???? I did research and sure thing. They did it for a very short time. The structure of this tube is very similar to long plates from Blackburn, but this one had O getter with a single support rod.

    Now to the sound. I thought that Blackburn’s version was rich, dark and creamy – but this one took the crown. Beautiful sound with fantastic sound stage and great instrument separation. Superb bass. Very luscious mids. And… as you might have already guessed quite early roll of on HF. Even earlier than with the other Mullard versions. Phenomenal tube depressing songs 🙂 Try listening to Melody Gardot “Deep Within the Corners of My Mind” with that tube and you will understand what I’m talking about. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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