2 thoughts on “Ken-Rad (GE) 5814 Carbon Plates

  1. This one came from nowhere. I didn’t even know that it existed! the tubes is one of the earliest 5814 tubes ever created. It was created during late 40s and early 50s – a true part of the history and practically impossible to find now in a good shape. The sound is superb. Very dynamic and very detailed (but without any iciness). Great soundstage with practically perfect instrument placement. Superb tube! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  2. I found this tube to sound similar to the rca blackplates only so much better. No viel on the highs, seems like they extend forever without a bit of fatigue. Mids are buttery and smooth. Female vocals rival the best mullards. Bass is best I’ve heard from a 12au7 variant. Not quite as much impact as the rca blackplates(def plenty) but better sub bass and extension. Attack and decay are amazing. Fast and clean. Very musical sounding tube. My fave 5814. Get ya one if you can find it! Now!! 🙂

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