Mullard 12au7 Long Plates []-getter

Mullard 12au7 Long Plates []-getter

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Mullard 12au7 Long Plates []-getterLoading...

” These are incredible tubes with a fine soundstage, clean top end with a touch of midrange warmth.” Read


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2 thoughts on “Mullard 12au7 Long Plates []-getter

  1. This is definitely one of the best in 12au7 family. This tube was on of the few to stand up to the slam that 6sn7s can create when compared side by side – the majority of 12au7s usually fall short compared to the bigger tube. It’s very hard to find – even a picture is hard to locate, so I had to use my camera 🙂 Very solid sound, huge shoundstage, sweet HF and warm, but not overly, mids. A definite must try tube, but the price bites – currently sells for $124 on tube sites or $50 a tube on ebay 🙁

  2. More listening on this tube and have to admit that although it have a very solid bass and very warm and strong mids, HF is rolling off a bit to early for my taste. When an acoustic guitar is playing in background, for example, bot playing hard, but just very gently – the details of that play with the tube are getting lost on very low volume levels.

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