Sylvania JHS 12at7 Gray Plates 3 mica

Sylvania JHS 12at7 Gray Plates 3 mica

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One thought on “Sylvania JHS 12at7 Gray Plates 3 mica

  1. As all of the tubes in JHS family – take 5814 or 5963 or 5751 – this tube is superb. There are very few reviews about 12at7s for a reason – they don’t affect sound very much. See my article on 12at7 on this site. Said that, although the majority of the tubes in 12at7 are good, some are fantastic. For example Telefunken 12at7 is one of the best. JHS 12at7 rivaled Teles and cost less at the same time. With this tube you get very detailed and warm sound and superb sound stage. No wailing of any kind – just air, depth and width and complete immersion. This tube is highly recommended. Although a lot of people know about JHS family, on ebay Sylvania 12at7 is still selling quite low ~$7-10 a tube, compared a double of that for Telefunkens.

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