MELZ 6N8S/6SN7 Black Plates holes in plate

Melz 6N8S holes in plate

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MELZ 6N8S/6SN7 Black Plates holes in plateLoading...

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One thought on “MELZ 6N8S/6SN7 Black Plates holes in plate

  1. Wow. That took me right back to USSR in 70s & 80s. These tubes have incredibly unique sound to them. Very mid-range focused and relaxed. Very quick tubes, one of the quickest of all 6SN7 tubes I’ve tried. Fantastic, very wide sound stage. Hole in plate give that tube more air as sound takes longer to decay. Bass is very solid as it is the case with the majority of tubes. On area of concern with Russian tubes is that treble could be not very pleasant as it gets to be brittle. Not in this case, great and sweet treble. Very detailed tube. This little Russian tube definitely holds it’s own against kings of the road like Tung-Sol, Ken-Rad & Sylvania. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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