One thought on “Majestic type 53

  1. I’m on a roll recently – with the goal to check out all those cool vintage tubes and how they would sound modern amplifiers. Have to report that so far so good, the tubes I’m rolling are 6N7, Type 53, Type 27, Type 36, 56, 76. Mesh and solid black plates. Some of these tubes provide some incredibly interesting take on a performance.

    In this case, Type 53 from Majestic is a very unique tube – first of all, it had the biggest plates of any of these tubes – about 20 mm wide!!!! And then comes sound – sound stage is so incredibly huge that it puts the majority of the other tubes to shame. Interesting that the tube doesn’t sound vintage at all – it’s incredibly transparent, musical and dynamic. Other type 53 tubes from RCA, Sylvania & Philco had their own pluses and minuses, but they sounded quite close to other tubes like 6F8, 6C8, but Majestic took away the prize.

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