MELZ 6N8S/6SN7 black plates metal base

Melz 6N8S blac plates metal base

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MELZ 6N8S/6SN7 black plates metal baseLoading...

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One thought on “MELZ 6N8S/6SN7 black plates metal base

  1. This tube is very similar in sound to MELZ 6N8S with holes in plates (see review on this site). The biggest difference I would say that the one with holes has a bit longer decay in sound, so there is a bit more air. There are some discussions that holes in plate is far superior to the solid plates, but I was unable to confirm them. I think both tubes are superb. These tubes have very strong performance in top frequencies – it’s extended beyond reach of a majority of 6SN7 tubes. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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