One thought on “Amperex EL84/6BQ5 D-getter

  1. This tubes is considered to be the best of all EL84 tubes. The overall tone is very similar to O-getter Amperex, but D-getter provides a much more lusciousness to the tone, which is quite enchanting. The tone maybe is not as crisp as Mullard EL84, but where it looses in crispness it wins in absolutely beautiful midrange. Bass is very deep and rich, not as tight and powerful as 6P14P though, and sound stage is the best in the class. Top is very beautiful and sweet, a bit more rolled off than O-getter, but sweeter. It’s definitely a tube tube have if you have EL84 amp and want that beautifull warmth and lusciousness that a tube amp can provide at its best. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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