2 thoughts on “Linkwitz Lab LX521 – Constant Directivity Monitor

  1. I don’t usually write about speakers, there are so many of them and they kind of sound very similar to each other. I have multiple sets with Vienna Acoustics Beethoven driven by PP tube amp, Omega Aperiodic driven by SE tube map and B&W 803 driven by Emotiva SS amp (just for my HT set up ;), but when I visited 2013 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest and heard these speakers, I just couldn’t not write about them (here is a double negative for you 🙂

    I didn’t even know that Linkwitz Lab made speakers, but I went to their room to check their stuff out – after all Siegfried Linkwitz is one of the creators of the Linkwitz-Riley crossover network which is used it billions of speakers.

    The speakers looked very strange (see pictures), but as soon as they started to play, all this was forgotten and my attention shifted to the sound they were producing. I’ve heard a lot of good speakers, but I have never heard what these speakers can do! I have to set my expectations for speakers – it’s simple… I close my eyes and I can recreate presence of a band in a room (visually and audibly). These speakers came very, very close (closer than any other speakers at the show) to that reality.

    Bass – drum truck that was played was superb – it was super tight and controlled – I could feel that the drum material was stretching when it was impacted by drum sticks. Midrange – as open and natural as I’ve ever heard – superbly transparent & life-like. Top end was extended and nice – here the speakers didn’t outdo other speakers, but didn’t come short on expectations either. So the results are spectacular.

    If you want to learn more about the speakers – follow this link.

  2. I am so glad to see (hear) that you had a chance to listen to these loudspeakers: Frankly, I am surprised that there are not more comments on the LX521 from the 2013 RMAF, being that they **are** the finest transducers that “money can’t buy” (you need to build these guys yourself — they are available as a “KIT”). I have followed Siegfried to audio nirvana, starting with Pluto’s and ORION’s, but graduating finally to LX21. If one enjoys well recorded Classical/Jazz (or anything, really, that is well recorded) then these make well known $150K loudspeakers sound like “boat anchors”….

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