GE 12ax7 Gray plates

GE 12ax7 Gray plates

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“very quiet and tame medium gain tube. These were very well constructed back in the day and will provide hours and hours of vintage tone.”

“It is a great sounding tube, with wonderful air and detail. Helically-wound filaments for low hum and is quieter and more consistent than the ones they had partially assembled overseas later. If you want one of the better sounding 12AX7’s ever made and don’t want to pony up the big bucks for the Tele’s and so on, this is it!” Read

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One thought on “GE 12ax7 Gray plates

  1. This is not a bad tube; however, I find them a bit sharp on the top (I find this is true for the majority of GE tubes). Highs are definitely not as sweet as some other tubes (see RCA 5751). If no other NOS is available, I would use it.

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