One thought on “Hitachi 12ax7 black plates

  1. Here is an interesting tube for you. Very rare Hitachi 12ax7 with long black plates and D-getter. In the last 90 days there was only one of the tubes listed on Ebay. Sound of this little treasure is something between GE 5751 & Tung-Sol 12ax7 black plates. Very transparent like both tubes, but at the same time not as warm at TS and not as neutral as GE. Great sound stage – one of the better ones in 12ax7 family. Quite musical, but again not as much as TS. TS 12ax7 with black plates being one of the rarest and best sounding 12ax7s out there, Hitachi didn’t do that bad at all – I would be happy to use it in place of TS. RECOMMENDED.

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