National Union 6N7 metal jacket

National Union 6N7

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One thought on “National Union 6N7 metal jacket

  1. A fantastic tube from National Union! I rolled 7 different 6N7 tubes (6SN7 with common cathode) and this one stood out with it’s insane sound stage – instrument positioning was superb and you could feel that the music expanded far beyond speakers, which were completely gone by then. These tubes don’t cost much these days, but unfortunately can’t be used instead of 6SN7 – it has a different pin out – but that’s what adapters and battery biasing is for :). Although the majority of 6N7 that I tried outperformed the majority of 6SN7, 3 tubes stood out RCA, Sylvania G version and this NU. Great tubes. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if your amp can take it.

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