Sylvania 12au7 Gray Plates

Sylvania 12au7 Gray Plates

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This Boldwin tubes were produced by Sylvania in 1960s.

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2 thoughts on “Sylvania 12au7 Gray Plates

  1. Another gray plate 12au7 and another disaster. They might have worked well in organs, but definitely don’t work well in hi-end amplifiers. Tried them both in my McIntosh 275 and 300B SET amp with the same results. The sound is quite sharp and unpleasant. These were used tubes, so they are well burned in, but the sharpness is there. Sell…

  2. I really wanted to give these tubes another try. After all, they come from the same linage as one of the best tubes out there – Sylvania Gold Brand. I put them in, again, it sounded OK. It might be that this tube would work quite well in old fashion receiver with some crappy speakers, but if you are buying tube gear these day you want the best of the best – and what is really the point of wasting your life on mediocrity like that tube. Don’t waist your money – get the best tubes you can buy – depending on your preference. These tubes are not the best in anything!

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