Brimar CV4004/12ax7 Box plates

Brimar CV4004/12ax7 Box plates

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Brimar CV4004/12ax7 Box platesLoading...

“The Brimar CV4004″s in my Marshall 50watt master volume are to say the least,sweet”

“The Brimar CV4004 is a classic British sounding valve. Refined and well balanced and does every thing it should very well. ” Read

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One thought on “Brimar CV4004/12ax7 Box plates

  1. Another rare tube from Brimar. The brand is not very well known and is not treated with the same reverence as brands like Mullard, but it’s one fine company and tube. This CV4004 is superbly transparent – not like Telefunken, but in a different way. Clarity is everything, but it doesn’t have the air of Tele. It’s more balanced that way. It’s like looking through an open window. Details were through the roof with any music I tried with the tubes. However, this much details might make this tube sound a bit harsh especially in the top register in some systems.

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