Telefunken ECC801S Triple Mica

Telefunken ECC801S Triple Mica

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“Telefunken Ecc801s is almost the worst t7 tube I have heard from old stock family.” Read

“I rolled a couple of NOS t7s, and liked the Telefunken ECC801S best” Read

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One thought on “Telefunken ECC801S Triple Mica

  1. This is the tube that everybody wants in 12at7 family, but as you can see from the reviews – opinions on them is very polarized. As with any Telefunken tube, there are people who love them and there are people who hate them. I personally really like the tubes. They have great dynamics, which is very important for 12at7 since in the majority of cases they are used in as drivers for power tubes. These are also super transparent and ultra low noise. They also last for 10,000, so it’s set it and forget it kind of tube 🙂 The only consideration of the tubes is their price – they are very expensive 2-4x more than other fantastic 12at7 tubes. In my tests these Teles have done really well, so if price is not an issue, these are superb. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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