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  1. I’ve been using Tung-Sol 5998 for quite a while and found it to be a very good sounding tube – relaxed, airy, transparent with great bass. Then I came across a few sets of Mullard 6080 tubes. These appeared to be genuine. Black spiky plates, made in Gt. Britain, Mitcham factory codes starting with R. I was very excited to try them out. So there they went – right into the amp. The music started, my brain froze and started to struggle with the information. At first I rejected my first impression, so I put Tung-Sol back – listened more and then Mullards. I couldn’t believe it, but Mullard tube sounded better!!!

    It reproduced body of the sound in such a rich way that Tung-Sol sounded dry in comparison. Full, powerful, maybe not as transparent as Tung-Sol, but by just a tiny bit. The tube became my new reference tube. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

    • I have a Mullard Mitcham rebranded Philips 6080 tube and it sounds weak. This compared to my Philips JAN 6080WC tube, it has better tonality and bass compared to the Mullard made tube.

      • Hey

        I know you don’t like the 6080s in general, but everything I’ve read about the Mullard 6080, and based on my own experience, I have a feeling that either your tube is a problem or perhaps there’s something in your chain that doesn’t pair right with the 6080. If I remember correctly, you have a dark voice and use hd650s with it? If so the Mullard should sound just as the author above your post describes. It DOES need to be paired with a bright punchy tube to sound best (my favorite pairings so far have been with a syl vt231, ’52 sylv 6sn7gt, and a Raytheon vt231. On the other hand my two favorite driver tubes at the moment, a tungsram cv1988 and a brimar cv1988 sound uninspiring with the Mullard 6080. All 3 types have that beautiful liquidity that had drawn me to tubes in the first place. I find that when power and driver tubes are too similar in characteristics, they almost drown each other out. The DAC is also crucial..esp with the dark voice. I’m using a NAD D1050 which really makes my set up sing. Anyway, I encourage you to stick with the Mullard. It’s my favorite power tube of late (better than the 5998). A truly magical tube. And completely different than other 6080s which until the Mullard I generally disliked (although the Chatham 6080wc is a very good tube.. but not in the Mullard’s league)

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