Raytheon 12au7 black plates

Raytheon 12au7 black plates

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“Don’t miss trying the “organ stock” 12AU7 tubes that were sold to organ manufacturers. These sweet tubes were screened for audio use in organs, and have the organ brand on the label. Usually sold at bargain prices because of the re-branded label, the RCA cleartop and Raytheon blackplate versions are a great find!” Read

“…She told me that the yellow Raytheon 12au7 sounded WONDERFUL in the MG Head OTL, except that it was a little quieter. She reported that the sound quality was practically identical to the Raytheon 5751…” Read

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One thought on “Raytheon 12au7 black plates

  1. This tube has a very nice middle-of-the-road sound between very sparkling and transparent RCA clear top and dark and lushes Westinghouse black plates 50’s. Great buy currently!!! Get it now and add some warmth to your system.

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