2 thoughts on “Reflector 6P14P-EV USSR

  1. Now this is a great tube! Right now it is the best band for a buck EL84 you can find. EV version of 6p14P tube is a longer lasting (5,000 hours) military tube similar in rating to EL84M & 7189 tubes. One of my major complains about regular 6p14p tubes was brittleness of the top range of the tube – which made it hard to use in good audio systems (the tubes was designed to be used in TVs mostly). EV version eliminates the issue completely – the top is very open and sweet. Overall transparency and crispness of the tube is on par with tubes that cost 4x as much. And bass… bass is a killer in this tube – deep, tight and powerful. The tubes are still available in abundance on the web, so don’t miss your opportunity to secure one of the best EL84 tubes, at amazing price, from a country that no longer exists. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  2. I have a few 6BQ5, EL84, and 7189/7189A amps. The USA made SE guitar amps I have sound better with an RCA, or GE. The Vox or copies sound better with a Mullard, Telefunken or Philips. These 6Pi14s sound great in either. It is like the love child of a Mullard and an RCA EL84. I get the rowdieness of an RCA, but it is more bubbly and yet not as quite as flat as a Mullard in the Epiphone 100. They are delightful in my AC based amps, and my Sannos. Not too hard edged raucus, and not too smooth. They are a perfect mixture of both! They excell in the Epi 100 single ended 4 watt amp. I have a Telefunken 12AX7 in it too with a GE 6X4, and a Weber 10″ alnico. It is one fun little amp that keeps room mates from wanting to kill you, and neighbors in apartments from calling the manager. The 10″ alnico makes it a mean lil amp, and the 6Pi14EB was utter perfection in that amp. The Sanno is darn nice with 4 of these in it too. I prefer it to the AC30s. I also have a small Klemt Echolette 15 watt Stereo with 4 of these in it, but I opted for Telefunkens. These were still super nice in the stereo, just not uber ultra nice. There is an (extra voltage) and an (extra life span) version of the 6P14. EV or EB is extra voltage. Reflektor made a very lovely version of the EV! SED also made some, but they are hard to find now, & my last batch of SEDs were very used. I also do not think there were quite as good.

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