Amperex EL84 O-getter

Amperex EL84 O-getter

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“… Amperex EL84’s. Seem to have the best combination of chime, and also grit and crunch of anything.” Read

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One thought on “Amperex EL84 O-getter

  1. Finally a good sounding EL84. This tube has the best balance across the spectrum. Bass, although is not as powerful as 6p14p, but tight and deep. HF is nice and sweet. And warmth, but not overly so, and sweetness of mids including voices is something that only Amperex can reproduce. Now if you are going to be searching for the tube, I would recommend going for Hammond marked Amperex. These are the same tubes and created on the same equipment as Bugle Boys, but at much lower price – going right now on Ebay for about $70 for quad including shipping in a lot of cases. Highly Recommended.

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