Saratov 6p14p USSR

Saratov 6p14p USSR

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Saratov 6p14p USSRLoading...

“They are very nice sounding tubes, can’t be beat for the money.” Read

“In my amp’s triode mode, the improvement over EH or JJ’s was not subtle.” Read

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One thought on “Saratov 6p14p USSR

  1. WOW! What a nice tube. Not sound wise – there it has issues, but contruction wise. It weights about 50% more than Sylvania 6bq5. It’s like a little Russian rocket ready to take of and bring you the the heights of music pleasure. Well… almost. The sound is very warm and powerful – and I mean powerful!!! Bass might not be superbly deep, but it’s incredibly tight and controlled. No there tubes come close to the sound this little rocket produces. Mids are nice and warm, but not very detailed – nuances are definitely being lost. And the biggest problem is the HF. I have used tubes, which I pulled from my father’s TV – they have about 1000+ hours on them, so burn in happened :), but the sound in HF is still very bright – which is not a problem, but just a matter of taste, but it’s very brittle. Cymbals sound like breaking glass with complete lack of sweetness. But if you are into Heavy Metal, this tube will rock your world.

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