One thought on “Amperex 7316 Short Plates D-getter

  1. Another tube that I didn’t even know exists – now many of them are out there?!?!?! Well, it’s Amperex 7316, how bad could it be? 😉

    It has a D getter made out of very thick wire – unlike a lot of other D-getter, this getters is 2x thicker. The tube didn’t disappoint, it’s truly a mixture between foil getter and O getter, very smooth, very transparent, but with fantastic warmth and incredible reproduction of vocals. If you want a single tube that does it all, this is undoubtedly it. If foil getter truly shines in vocals – unbelievably so, and O getter shines in dynamics and transparency – this tube lands right in between. Beautiful sound. Again, the only problem, it’s awesomely, incredibly rare, but despite that… HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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