Ameprex 12ax7 Sort Plates

Ameprex 12ax7 Sort Plates

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“The Amperex’s are very rich and thick, smooth and more refined but still very detailed.” Read

“he typically vibrant yet rich and transparent Amperex sound with less of the typical 12AX7 softness and lack of focus.” Read

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One thought on “Ameprex 12ax7 Sort Plates

  1. I’m not going to go into a long review on this tube. It’s superbly popular and widely available. It’s is really in the group of 3 European tubes that people really know and what. Telefunken, Amperex, Mullard. Amperex actually lands itself in sound qualities between Amperex and Mullard with Tele being very thin and Mullard being very thick. Great sounding tube with a lot of details, great mid-range warmth, and tight bass. The only issue I have with that tube is that it doesn’t really have a character. It’s a great tube when you just need to take the original sound and alter it the least. But if you want warmth of Mullard or air of Teles, Amperex will not be able to provide that. I personally mix the brands up to get the best from all of them, but that’s possible only if you have multiple tubes in your system 🙂 RECOMMENDED.

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