CBS-Hytron 12au7 Black Plates

CBS-Hytron 12au7 Black Plates

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One thought on “CBS-Hytron 12au7 Black Plates

  1. Wow! Another day and another superb tube. Very interesting find. This is CBS-Hytron 12au7 Black Plates – it’s completely different from the legendary 5814 in sound and in internal structure. At first I thought that it’s just re-branded RCA, but internal structure on RCA 12au7s is fairly different. The tube is from 1953 with silk screen in a fantastic shape!!! I’m not sure where the guy whom I got it from was hiding them 🙂 In any case, the sound… the sound is very close to RCA & Westinghouse. Very warm and enveloping with good amount of details. It’s definitely more detailed than Ken-Rad’s version, but falls short of Tung-Sol Black Plates. A great tube nonetheless. How does it compare to 5814 brother? It is very different. It doesn’t have the dynamics of 5814 and it’s much more bass heavy making it slower. Great tube for vocal jazz though and I bet vinyl would sound superb with the tube!!! Recommendation is pointless – this tube is extinct. 🙁

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